The Kennel Taj Mahal History
From 1977

There is so much to tell about Dollys breeding, you can read a lot of that in many different papers and books all over the world. I have here in history one a story she wrote herself for the magazine our afghans.

Now I jump to 1977 when I got invited in the afghan-world. This year born Taj Mahal Jennifer (Unjan愀 Tino x Nazlis Crocus.) at Dollys home and that was the bitch I bought as my first afghan. A lovely bitch. She was number two 24 times before she got her title.

After that I bought a bitch from her next litter and that was Taj Mahal Orient (El Khyrias Hazztafer xAadianya.) A wonderful girl with a lot of attitude and dignity She also had a very good movements. A year later another bitch from Dolly came to me, it was Taj Mahal Golden Appaloosa ( Taj Mahal Pius x Aadianya.) She had the most beautiful head and expression but she was a little too big for my taste. These four years was the start of my friendship with Dolly. In 1981 Dolly asked me if I was interested to work together with her with the breeding, and later take over the famous name Taj Mahal. It was an honour for me to be asked so of course my answered was yes.

1981 I mated my Taj Mahal Jennifer to El Khyrias La Bo婿o and since then I have had sex more litters. 1982 Taj Mahal Orient x Unjan Gjenghis Khan 1984 Taj Mahal Golden Appaloosa x Taj Mahal Adonis 1986 Taj Mahal Ajustin x Orientals Guess Who. 1986 Taj Mahal Orient x Calahorra Aces High. 1987 Calahorra Lark x Calahorra Aces High. 1992 Trolldimmans Delightful Dream x Khaos The Ladykiller. I have also bought three bitches and one male from Calahorra in Australia. Calahorra Tantivvy, Calahorra Acec High, Calahorra Lark and Calahorra Eaglet. The father to three of them was American Eagle at Calahorra.

My Calahorra dogs was all very longlegged which was what I needed to my breed. They had also the best temperament you can ask for.

In 1987 Dolly get sick and for almost ten years she fight with her illness, today she is not with us anymore and I miss her of course but I am very thankful for all she had learned me about breeding. For now we have three afghans and two Chinese crested pp. And we are now looking forward for a new litter after some year without afghan-puppies in our house.